5 Ways to Detox (approved by a natural health expert!)

1. Therapeutic fasting
Fasting for 12-14 hours per day is a great way to promote liver detoxification, decrease inflammation, and can help correct intestinal dysbiosis. Do this for a week, or opt to do it a few times each week. Other options include 1 day/week fasting (no food, just water) or 1 weekend a month. Make sure to check in with a health care provider before starting any fasting routine.

2. Get your 8 hours of sleep
Getting quality sleep each night is mandatory for your body to recoup and heal from the days stressors. Did you know your brain can actually shrink down to 1/3 its size while you are sleeping just from lymphatic drainage? Your lymph moves toxins, old cells, and debris out of your body to help you feel better!

3. Go vegan
Animal products can be very inflammatory and lead to a lot of aggravation in the body. This doesn't mean you need to switch to a permanent no-animal diet, it just a push to give yourself a break and opt for beans, hummus, nuts, and tofu for protein every once and a while! Plus, dairy and eggs are often a hidden intolerance in many people- maybe a little break might help you realize you feel better without!

As one of my mentors, Dr. Ilana Gurevich, always says, "If they made a pill that did everything that exercise does, everyone would be taking it." Ideally, aerobic exercise (moderate intensity): 3-4 times weekly for at least 30 minutes. Break a sweat to move toxins out of your blood and lymph.  Exercise to activates the body’s own antioxidant genetic response (NRF2 gene) to decrease inflammation, oxidative stress, and infection.

5. Open up detox pathways
Glutathione is one of your main detoxing agents in your body. Support the use and production with diet and supplements. Cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, cabbage, kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts) increase glutathione in your body. Add in Glycine to help production and NAC as a precursor to glutathione. Get 15% off your order here

  • Glycine 1 gram twice a day for oxidative stress, 500 grams twice a day for maintenance 
  • NAC 500mg twice a day
Photo by  Caroline Attwood  on  Unsplash

Want something a little more intense and/or structured? Consider doing the Elimination diet or the Whole 30 diet. It is important to make an appointment with your naturopath before starting the elimination diet so you can structure it to your own needs. As for the Whole 30, read about it on their website, get the book online, or check out some recipe's on popular blogs!

Learn more about the Elimination Diet here. Read about my experience with water fasting here


I promised 5 things in the title, but I couldn't end without mentioning these super amazing detox strategies!
1. Drink your water!!  2. Breathe deeply. 3. De-stress!