The Naturopathic Food Plate

Changing to a whole foods diet can be overwhelming, especially if you are new "eating clean." But please know, you are not alone! Often when people choose to change their diet, they begin with a dramatic change. For instance, people completely remove junk food, or promise themselves to only eat vegetables and fruits, or even dramatically limit calories. These quick and drastic changes often lead to failure. If you are interested in making a lifestyle change, not just doing another 2 week diet, it is important to understand you are learning something new. To learn how to eat clean, it takes time, it takes persistence, and it takes support from your doctor, friends and family. 

Here is Bastyr's Healthy Plate. It was put together by Bastyr Nutrition students under the supervision of licensed Dietitians. The idea of the Healthy Plate is to take he challenge out eating healthy. If you can match each meal to the plate shown below, you will be on your way to eating a clean and healthy diet. 

Contact your local Naturopath for more information about healthy eating!

Bastyr Healthy Plate.jpg